OmniStudio Architecture

  • Digital Experience
  • Service Management
  • Developer Experience
  • OmniStudio FlexCards: Cards that display contextual information and actions in an at-a-glance format for customer account data
  • An OmniStudio Interaction Console shows a holistic view of a customer’s account and information. FlexCards are components of these 360° views. The console itself is a Salesforce Lightning Console.
  • OmniScripts: A guided path to complete a business process
  • OmniStudio DataRaptors: Configurable services for retrieving, transforming, and updating data. There are four types of DataRaptor: Turbo Extract, Extract, Load, and Transform. Here are some guidelines for determining which DataRaptor to use.
  • OmniStudio Integration Procedures: Declarative, server-side processes that execute multiple actions in a single server call
  • IDX Build Tool: Command-line automation tool that packages and migrates OmniStudio Datapacks in a source-control-friendly format
  • IDX Workbench: Desktop application that enables developers to migrate Datapacks and Salesforce metadata from one org to another or from an org to a Git repository




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Saba Fatima

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